Grody Shogun – Ojisan and Karakuri (7.2)


Grody Shogun (Luke Rook) has taken the next step in his evolution in the sofubi genre, he’s apprenticing with Japanese craftsmen to learn how to manufacture figures himself.  For his first release, he will be offering Ojisan (right above), a vain Yokai (Japanese folk spirit),  and his Karakuri (left above) — ‘edo era self-automated robot’.    Each figure stands 3.5” tall and has three points of articulation (neck + shoulders x 2).  The first release is cast in milky white vinyl and features plenty of multi-colored spray.  Both figures drop separately from Lulubell on Saturday, July 2nd 2011 @ Noon PDT for the ‘apprentice’ price of $23 each.  As Grody’s skills increase, so too will the pricing.