tokidoki’s Unicornos Minis (4.22)


tokidoki is about to release their new Unicornos mini-series featuring ten cute mystical,  winged figures (8 standard + 2 chases) designed by Simone Legno.   The first tokidoki minis in nearly two years, will be released on April 22nd with a reasonable SRP of $6.95 per blindbox.    tokidoki fans will recognize many of Simone’s signature characters and designs in the new series.  tokidoki cute  + affordable = wild success?  Where is the Magic 8-ball when you need it ?  Next up for tokidoki?  The Royal Pride ?

One last thing, it’s interesting that these are made from Non-Phthalate PVC.  Phthalates are the most popular type of  plastic softeners and are considered by some to have health risks.  Better safe than sorry.

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