Sneak : Upcoming South Park x Kidrobot Toys

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Here’s a look at just a few of the new South Park minis coming from Kidrobot in the fall.  These were shown at Opera Gallery in NYC, during Sunday evening’s VIP opening of the South Park 15th Anniversary art show featuring 15 artist interpretations of the crude yet beloved cartoon series.

2 Replies to “Sneak : Upcoming South Park x Kidrobot Toys”

  1. Seriously?
    If you REALLY want a sneak peak of the new line, check out
    The figures shown include
    Satan (mega-size)
    Towlie stoned
    Cartman (shown from the back only)
    Kyle (with Ike!)
    Kenny (with rats!)
    Professor Chaos (Butter’s alter-ego)
    Officer Barbrady
    Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh (with “Hoppity Balls”)
    Mr. Garrison (with Mr. Hat)
    — looks like a great line-up!

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