Johnny Cupcakes Big Kid Toy

big_kid_mold_front big_kid_mold_side 

Johnny Cupcakes just announced their first ever mascot figure. The Big Kid character has been used in many of  their T-Shirt designs and the figure itself sizes up to about 6” tall. They have hopes of releasing Big Kid sometime in 2011 and is just one of the designs being planned to turn into a toy.

3 Replies to “Johnny Cupcakes Big Kid Toy”

  1. his shirts are not overpriced. they are like every other collection item. priced reasonably. people are going to buy it no matter what the price it is because they’re collector shirts. anyways..i CANT wait for this toy to come out!!

  2. In some cases, kids’ toys will get damaged because they played it too much, which is not really bad but if this happens frequent, we should talk to our kids and tell them the value of their toys. It is never too early to teach our children responsibility.

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