Jeff Lamm’s M 5 Bravo & Stee-Gar


What’s a super hero without some super villains? Well Jeffrey Lamm has created a couple of gruesome creatures to take on the Real Fighting Greasebat. He introduces to us the M5 Brava & Stee-Gar. Here is the story behind the two.

The guy with the single large eye is called M FIVE BRAVO. He’s a rogue military prototype recon robot/monster mix. Originally intended for recon missions on harsh alien planets, his large single eye is night vision capable, telescopic and also able to see thermal images. He can broadcast the images via the TV screen on his chest. He recently became self aware and has vowed to destroy Greasebat at any cost. Virtually indestructible due to his thick skin covered in armored bumps. His weakness is his bulging, ready to burst eyeball. His horns can retract to half their length, although the purpose for this is unknown.

The other hairy guy is Stee-Gar. He was originally developed from pollution eating microbes by research scientists Dr. Stephens and Dr. Henry "Hank" Garfield, hence the name. Demand for bigger pollution eating beasts lead to Stee-Gar. He also gained independent thought, left his government masters and now is on a mission to destroy Greasebat, who he sees as a giant walking ball of oily pollution. Stee-Gar can fly short distances on his stubby wings, like a chicken. His fur and thick armored scales allow him to operate in all environments.

These figures will be produces by a new company by the name of Unbox. The M 5 Bravo and Stee-gar are made of interchangeable parts, where you can switch the head, torso, and legs between the two figures. For more information on release dates, feel free to email Jeff HERE and simply include the subject “Mailing List”.