Jeff Lamm – M5 Bravo & Stee-Gar Brainfreeze Edition


Unbox is gearing up to release Jeff Lamm’s M5 Bravo & Stee-Gar Brainfreeze edition.  The paint job on this chilly 2-pack of 6” beasties is just right.  For the release, unbox has come up with an interesting hybrid approach.  A limited number of the figures will be available to purchase from their online store on October 10th for $125.  The remaining quantity will offered via a lottery system for the right to buy.  To enter the lottery send an email to prior to October 8th 2011.

In addition to Jeff’s great character designs, what really puts these over the top is that they share monster DNA allowing them to swap each of their body segments.  While a two-way swap is good, three ways is even better.  Here’s a look at  Lamm’s Spikewad  (hit the jump) soon to be available in vinyl from Unbox with the same shared genetics.