Luke Chueh – Black in White (9.1)


Luke Chueh’s hotly anticipated Black in White made its debut at SDCC from Munky King.  Since then he’s been laying low, biding his time.  Word is that Wednesday, September 1st is the  day  Black in White will be available directly from Munky King at their Melrose spot and online @

And what about Black in White and Red All Over?  You’ll have to wait just a bit longer as the special bloody exclusive will drop during the official release party.

BRW_suited_VP PROD008_1

2 Replies to “Luke Chueh – Black in White (9.1)”

  1. I really like this toy. It is simple, but still interesting. It reminds me of coarsetoys false friends or the Frank from Donnie Darko.
    I Really want to pick one up 🙂

  2. Ouch. This guy is hot. I added him to my cart on MPH. 5 minutes later , i was ready to check out , i got a pop up saying they are out of stock. For some reason when i clicked the purchase button it went through. Hopefully i scored one!
    It is really amazing. 🙂

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