Chuckboy Robotic Proto for 2tone Dunny Series


KR head honcho Paul Budnitz is back to his leaky ways.  This time around he’s showing off a proto sculpt of a Chuckboy Dunny for the upcoming 2-tone Dunny Series.  Even missing an arm, the sculpt looks great. This Chuckboy piece appears to be a completely new sculpt – head, arm, and torso.  Kidrobot has been upping their Dunny game with either completely new sculpts that bring a new vibe to the basic shape or by mixing in partial new sculpts such as the exposed brain head for Triclops’ 2010 piece.   It’s a smart approach to keeping their top-dog platform fresh.

We’re curious about the 2-Tone Dunny series.  Perhaps the pieces will have minimal deco (pad printing) and rely instead on 2-Tone paint applications (pure speculation).  Time will tell.


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