First Look: Jesse Hernandez’s Mictlan Painted Test Shot


SDCC always brings the goods. In addition to new releases, it’s also a
great place to get a peek at what’s “next”, like Jesse Hernandez’s upcoming
Mictlan figure from Kuso Vinyl.  Here’s a first look at the bad ass
final painted test shot.  From the bright colors to the crisp design,
this one looks very sharp.  The character exudes power with a hint of
grumpiness.  Mictlan crosses over nicely between toy and art.  In fact, 
the Oakland Museum will feature the original Mictlan painting  in the
advertising and branding for it’s upcoming Day of the Dead “Vivo”
Exhibition opening on October 6th 2010.   Jesse will be creating a large
installation along with Cristianne Dugan Cuadra.

While you wait
for the release be sure to drop by the DKE booth (Thursday-Saturday) to
get an up close look at Mictlan.  He’ll also be looking over Jesse’s
shoulder during his signing on Friday (3-4 PM) @ the Dragatomi Booth (#3848).

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