Sneak Peek @ Skeleanimals Qee Series 1


Toy2R has just released line art for their upcoming crossover Skeleanimals Qee Series 1 minis which combines the world of  Skeleanimals, the Qee concept and a selection of talented artists.  S1 features artist interpretations of two new Qees patterned after the Skeleanimal characters: Chungkee & Marcy, from  Jon Paul Kaiser, Reactor 88, Julie West, Lunabee, Frank Mysterio, Jim Koch, Chauskoskis and Voltaire. Based on this first glance, the skeleton concept seems to have constrained the artists’ creativity – while their style comes through, the pieces look fairly similar to one another. This might be seen as both a plus and a minus depending on whether your a Skeleanimals fan or an art fan looking for a figure from one of your favorite artists.

Expect to see Series 1 drop sometime in late July/early August.  For those eager to rip into the blind boxes, Toy2R is planning a few SDCC exclusive pre-launch figures.