Mini Qee Series 2 Preview

Mini Qee Series 2

Toy2r offered an advanced look at some of their new releases during the grand opening of their new Shunde office in China.  Here’s a look at their new 5” Mini Qee Series 2 featuring  Boxee Toyer, Devil Toyer, Doggie, Grizee, Rhinzee, Boxee and two new shapes: Elepee and Quacky!  The Devil Toyer looks great at this size and of the new offerings, Quacky is quirkily cool.

As a wrinkle on the DIY figures, Toy2r revisits its flirtation with ‘kaiju’.  This time around it’s the Spiked Mini Qee line shown here in Bear and Toyer editions.  The spiked figures are interesting – no need to burden them with a seemingly misguided ‘kaiju’ pr label.