Taipei Toy Festival 2010 – Giveaways + Ticket Designs Revealed


Monster Taipei has just posted images of the four toys that will apaprently be given away to the first 500 paid  attendees  for this year’s Taipei Toy Festival through its four day run (7.8 – 7.11).  Looks like this year the giveaways include a toy and a food item.  The toys are a CiBoys mini (7.8), the new Baby Treeson on (7.9), Choco Barro (7.10), and Honeybaby x Touma figure(s) on the 11th.   This year’s artist ticket designs have been revealed. Check ‘em after the jump.  We’re curious about the Treeson on 7.9 as it appears to be the same one that had been listed as a TTF exclusive – bonus if it’s actually free to the first 500 collectors. 

toy ap_F23_20100520075250985

Tickets : 1. Rockin’ Jelly Bean. 2. Kennyswork, 3. Devilrobots, 4. 8-Style, 5. Dankeschoen, 6. Treeson, 7. 18 Copper Men, 8. United Planet

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