Hip Hop Lives Here (9.8) in New Zealand


Hip Hop Lives Here opening on September 8th in Auckland, New Zealand is a massive group show featuring international and local artists inspired by Samoan hip hop artist King Kapisi’s upcoming album of the same name.  Two LA-based artists Chaz Bojorquez and Angry Woebots will be in the house as the special guest artists. 

The full lineup includes alot of familiar and talented names including  Chaz Bojorquez (la 「the teacher」), Man One (la), Persue/Bunny Kitty(sd usa), Else Icr (la usa), Angry Woebots (hawaii/pfom/aos), Jeremyville (worldwide), Mr. Jago (uk), UPSO(usa), Andrew Hem (khmer usa), Lunar (croatia), Pixel Pancho (italy), Phibs (aussie melb.), Scram (aussie syd), Kid Zoom (aussie perth), Subway Suds Icr (aussie qld), Teazer(aussie syd), dlt (nz hip hop icon), Askew (tmd-nz most infamous), Phat one (tmd nz), Lady Diva (tmd nz), Dyle (tmd nz), 2tone (nz funk style ik/aos), Peap (nz khmer icr /aos), Berns (the last inca dmjc nz), Berst (gbak tmd nz), Stray (rtr nz) Enu「agent」, sirikige (nz), Shake/repo (rtr), Rimoni (nz south ak), Geoff budd/lensflare (nz-global), Deap one (tmd nz), Deus (tmd rfc one&only nz), Sik one (nz pimp aka), Turumakina duley (aotearoa), Od (nz-hidden gem), Juse One (aotearoa nz), Mephisto Jones (nz welly), Ant Sang (nz comic wiz), Martin Horsepool (nz retrobot), Paul Shih (nz-taiwan), Sam Rulz (baddest chick nz), Enforce one (cut collective nz), Trust me (cut collective nz), Component (cut collectivenz)

Nineteen 42 (Levy Building Level 2)
20 Custom Street East
Auckland, New Zealand