Munky King @ SDCC : Luke Chueh and DGPH


In addition to the previously mentioned releases from Yoskay Yamamoto and Dave Pressler, Munky King (#4539) will be dropping fire from Luke Chueh and DGPH.  The first item almost needs no description but for the sake of completeness is Luke  Chueh's Decapitated Bunny Head resin (ed. of 250), a riff on his upcoming vinyl from MK.

From the Argentinian duo of DGPH, comes the black edition of their Tsuchi figure produced by Munky King (ed. of 150).

Be sure to hit Munky King for all of their SDCC goodness in booth #4539.


luke_BWR_L Luke_BWR_BKtsuchi_black_rt_400tsuchi_black_lt_400tsuchi_black_bk_400