Kidrobot (#4529) San Diego Comic Con Releases


For the first release of the con, Kidrobot brings Shane Jessup up to bat on Thursday, June 23rd. Kidrobot is keeping images of their releases under wraps for now, so hopefully they fully reveal the goods before the con starts. As for now, all we know is that Shane will be signing on Thursday at 11AM. The exclusive has 2 colorways and 1 of which will be available only at the con. Price for the figure will be $75 and has a run of 1000 plus 200 for SDCC.


On Friday, Deph takes the stage for another toy release. The signing takes place at 11AM and his figure will have 2 colorways with 1 only available at SDCC. The run of figures will be 1200 plus 200 SDCC exclusives that are only available at the con. That means everyone will be able to snag a version of the release through Kidrobot stores and Kidrobot online. Each figure will run you $75 a piece.


On one of the busiest days of the con, Amanda Visell and Frank Kozik’s work will be making an appearance at the Kidrobot booth on Saturday. Onnly available at the con, this  special collaboration is limited to only 300 Pieces. Each of these figures will run $50 a piece.