Amanda Visell – Dragon Scout Release (6.6)


Roarrrrr….. it’s here.  Amanda Visell’s Dragon Scout vinyl is in the USA and it’s chomping at the bit for the release party which is Saturday June 6th from 7-10 PM @ the Switcheroo Workshop in Pasadena. 

Dragon Scout, Amanda’s first self-produced vinyl under the Switcheroo brand, builds on the previously released wood figure (ed. of 25) by including a girl scout mini-fig (that stands quite nicely) as well as the wood camp fire accessory.   You can get your Dragon fun going on in two editions – the classic green (ed. of 500, $65) or the Switcheroo exclusive Blue Boy Eater edition (ed. of 300, $75).  In a fun twist, you’ll note that the green girl scout is sad because the dragon is eating her fellow girl scout.  While the blue girl scout is happy as this time around the dragon has consumed a boy scout 😉

The figures turned out better than even Amanda could have hoped – the paint details are spot-on and do an excellent job of translating her dry brush style to a production piece which is not an easy task.  More pics soon. 

For now, if you’re in SoCal, save June 6th – Amanda’s got a few surprises in store. 

Switcheroo Workshop
543-B S. Raymond
Pasadena, CA 91105