Tim Tsui @ Mixi-Bang! (10.20.07)

HK artist Tim Tsui’s first USA solo show opens tomorrow night (10.20.07) from 7 PM @ Mixi-Bang! in Pasadena, California.  Tim’s got alot of ape goodness in store including the previously announced grey show exclusive Da Minicis available in both  mixi-bang! and Greyone editions (same body, different masks) — each limited to 100 pieces.  Very cool figure though we’re pretty excited about the Da Minci customs including the dark Da Minci customs (limited to 15).  And perhaps the ultimate —a 3 foot Da Minci.  Release details on this monster are not yet available though it does sound like a limited edition rather than a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Finally… the Metal Mincis… These are shrouded in secrecy (no pics yet), but we can tell you this is a special limited-edition metal figure limited to 100 pcs.  If you’re a Tim Tsui fan, you’ll want to score these.

36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5
Pasadena, CA 90015