KAWS x OriginalFake X Neighborhood – Zooth

KAWS continues his character remix releases with his version of Zooth — the canine mascot of Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood.  His Halloween inspired design gives the originally cute and somewhat plain Zooth a jolt as a Mummy dog with his signature features (eyes and ears). These will drop on Saturday, October 27th in Japan. Based on fairly clear machine translation of a post on Neighborhood’s blog,  the Black will be released at the Neighborhood Tokyo Store, while the White will drop at OriginalFake. It’s not clear if OriginalFake will have the Black or not.  KAWS has  indicated that his version of Zooth will be available via KAWSONE a week or so after the Japanese drop.

KAWS fans and observes have already begun debating the merits of these figures.  Personally, they’re pretty cool — and yeah, I’m partial to the black.  Sources: Highsnobiety, KAWS, Neighborhood Blog, and Toy Tokyo (original Zooth toy image).