Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters @ SDCC

Judging from the high-demand for their first original art toys released at
SDCC, artist couple Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters are now  on
the "must-buy" list of many collectors.  MINDstyle’s  SDCC Mono Benny and Red Bird
from Kathie Olivas sold out of available stock (~ 100 figures) at SDCC
and VTN . The baby blue box was  one of the most sought after at the
‘con.  The two-figure set is a very nice translation of
Kathie’s paintings to vinyl with meticulous attention to detail.
Brandt Peters’ retro ‘toon style was also extremely well received with
strong sales of MINDstyle’s SDCC Mono Slap Happy and Mr. Muggles set.16" Vintage Slappy figure, all from MINDstyle. 

Brandt and Kathie signed for collectors at the 1045 Showroom booth at SDCC and at VTN UUP.  Everything was fair game — their figures, DIY blanks including at least one giant 16" Qee, and of course sketchbooks.  Both took the time to create  detailed sketches for fans.  Riffing off of their collaborative gallery show, Brandt created his interpretation of  Kathie’s  Bird for a fan.  Next up for Kathie and Brandt toy wise are  the regular  colorway editions of their debut figures plus Brandt’s 16" Vintage Slappy figure, all from MINDstyle.


7 Replies to “Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters @ SDCC”

  1. Two of the nicest, most giving and best artists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with.
    Mark my words, 2008 will be THEE year to watch for art and toys from this dynamic duo.

  2. It’s good to see great things happen to nice people. As Rob said, expect huge things from these two, they are on their way up. Well Done!

  3. Rain, Rob and BNault – Thanks – were very excited!!!
    Just a quick heads up – there are still a few exclusive SDCC sets of Slap-Happy! and Mr. Muggles over at 3dretro.com (from what I hear – it’s worth a try)
    – if you missed your chance at the Con…might be good to check em out!

  4. Met these two at the con. really nice people and very talented. whipped out some sweet drawings super fast. they must have been there for at least 4 hrs signing for their fans. cool kids

  5. I got to meet them both and I thought they were a class act. Very intelligent, and incredibly creative talented artists. I was one happy camper to come home with each of their mono set pieces from the con this year. Now, I got to get that 16′ Brandt figure when it comes out!….. ;o)

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