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Jun 02, 2007

Seen: Chris Lee - 3D Retro Exclusive MarshMellow Release (5.31.07)

Chris Lee's Mellow officially arrived this past Thursday with the release of the 3D Retro exclusive MarshMellow edition from Wheaty Wheat Studios. @ Creme de La Creme in Burbank, CA.  Given Mellow's "wonderful taste for fine food and weakness for chocolate", the choice of the ice cream/gelato store was clever and appropriate.  The event was held out in front of the store under umbrellas in the warm setting Southern California sun. 

Chris's fans waited in line to have him doodle on the box, on the figure, and draw in their sketch books. Taking his time on each one, the sketches were -- detailed and varied with a large number of different characters popping up throughout the night.  At one point Chris asked a fan to pick two items that don't normally go together as inspiration for the sketch.  He winced as she replied "Stop Sign & a Tree" -- maybe not the most exciting subject material. He seemed to think better of that approach, but finally decided to go for it. Check the results in the full gallery after the jump.  Collectors eyed all four Mellows on the signing table -- Standard, Licorice & Love (myplasticheart), the flocked Sherpa (PinkGhost), and MarshMellow -- and regularly asked where they could get each one.  Thank goodness for completists ;-)

If you missed the event 3Dretro.com has both the  MarshMellow figure and  the MarshMellow print which was free to the first 50 people who purchased the figure at the event.

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Congrats Chris and Rich - Would have been awesome to see you guys! Mellow looks fantastic!

Cool Stuff! Wish I could have been there!

That Asian girl with the glasses and black shirt is really cute :)

well, i think shes ugly.

The flocked one! I want the flocked one! Hehe

hey man good job! i remember that place, it's right across from VONS.

I'm the boy in the gray Abercrombie sweatshirt!


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