Moody Design Contest

Ted Stilson’s  8" Moody DIY vinyl figure combining  a dual demon/cow identity offers a new canvas for artistic expression. A large international group of talented artists have created  customs for an upcoming Moody custom show.  Got skillz?  Think you can go beyond what others have done?  How do you get noticed in the ever competitive designer toy arena ?

Vinyl Pulse and Bovinyl, the maker of Moody, are proud to announce the Moody Design Contest.  To get started, download all three 3 Moody templates, let your creativity loose and then  send the results to The deadline to enter is July 11th, 2007 @ 8 PM Pacific.

Entries will be judged by Ted Stilson, the creator of the Moody, and three industry professionals who select toy designs for a living — Ferg (Jamungo), Richard VanOver (Wheaty Wheat Studios), and VanBeater (Jamungo).  So what’s in it for me, you ask?  Fame — entries will be posted to Vinyl Pulse after the contest is over.  And… Fortune — well some very cool loot anyways sponsored by Bovinyl and Voltage:

  • 1st PrizeA blank Moody, $100 (CDN) Voltage Gift Certificate, Vinyl Pulse Tee, Moody skatedeck (by Aaron Keeling), 400% Bearbrick Tim Biskup Alphabeast Calli, 8" Flying Fortress Dunny plus Flying Fortress Tee.
  • 2nd PrizeA blank Moody, $75 (CDN) Voltage Gift Certificate,  Angry Ice Cream plush pack (small, medium and large Ice Creams), Vinyl Pulse Tee and an autographed Nathan Jurevicius comic book.
  • 3rd Prize –  A blank Moody, $25 (CDN) Voltage  Gift Certificate, Vinyl Pulse Tee, and anautographed Tim Tsui Dape 3" Qee.

These prizes should help to jump start your creative and competitive juices.  So let’s see what you can do on the Moody form.  We’re waiting ūüėČ  If you’d like to purchase a Moody for yourself, they are available directly from Bovinyl.


  1. To enter send the completed Moody templates (front, back, and side) to by 8 PM Pacific on July 11th, 2007.
  2. First place, second place, and third place  will be determined based on judging  by Ted Stilson, Ferg, Richard VanOver, and VanBeater.
  3. You may submit multiple entries but a maximum of one design per artist will be selected as a top three winner.


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  1. Now that sounds like an interesting contest!
    And great prices here! wow! I’ll have to give it a try, i guess! ;-D

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