Marka27 – Minigods Knocking at the Door

The first of Marka27’s minigods figures — MG Brazil — is in the home stretch.   Here’s a Vinyl Pulse exclusive look at production protos for four editions of MG Brazil — Brazil (300 pieces), Midnight (300 pieces),  Gold Grillz (100 pieces) and Platinum Grillz (100 pieces).  These studio shots were taken by Shawn Mclaughlin.  Each MG Brazil figure stands a towering 16" tall and features a working speaker embedded in the torso.  The figure ships ready to play music complete with an included mini-jack cable and a 9-volt battery.  Playing music from an iPod, CD Player or most other music devices is a simple matter of plugging the cable into MG Brazil and the music player. The pictured figures are production protos, the final production colors may vary slightly.

The unpainted proto shown at last year’s SDCC turned heads with its strong indigenous urban vinyl crossover design and sheer size.  The production editions are set to deliver a compelling combination — awesome to look at and useful as a desktop speaker. Toy Tokyo will release the Gold Grillz MG Brazil as an SDDC exclusive. Marka27 will be at SDCC to sign figures and meet collectors. The other three colorways will be released shortly after SDCC (distribution: DKE Toys).    Be sure to click through to the full gallery featuring each colorway.  Props to Marka27 on his first original vinyl figure.

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  1. Those are amazing bro, Great Work!!
    Was wondering what was goin down with these, they came out so sick! Great colorways too dzzamn!

  2. These things are sick! Does anybody know if these will be sold at a specific time at SDCC 2007 or will it be available at preview night?

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