Balzac Fiendish Club International


Fiendish Club International (FCi) is the newly created official overseas fan club of Balzac, the infamous Japanese horrorpunk band.  The club is the source for the latest exclusive news on the band and exclusive merchandise including limited-edition Balzac x Secret Base figures. FCi will be the place for all future hard-to-get Balzac designer vinyl.  These highly sought after toys will no longer be offered through Shocker World Wide.   

Two membership levels are available regular ($50) and gold ($100).  The Gold Level is designed for toy collectors — the membership fee includes a free FCi exclusive Balzac x Secret Base Occulta Obake figure. The figure stands 4.5" tall, with a black body, and blood streaked rather than splattered sheet.  Gold members will also receive special bonuses when ordering FCi exclusive figures. Membership at the gold level is limited — the memberships have been available as of June 7th and will not be offered after July 7th.