Seen: Getting Over @ Channel 1

Channel 1 hosted the opening of  Getting Over this past Friday (3.6.07), an exhibition of custom All City Style subway trains and original paintings, this past Friday night. Special guest Queen Andrea, several New Haven artists, and others showed their skills to the props of the large crowd.  Thanks to Sket One, artist by day — correspondent by night, here are pics of the show pieces. 

Channel 1
220 State St.
New Haven, CT 06511

5 Replies to “Seen: Getting Over @ Channel 1”

  1. everyone is sold out….
    more are beingmade but you can get them still at the SCRAP YARD in NYC
    300 West Broadway
    NY, NY 10013
    tell mark that Klim sent you
    not sure what they have left but
    that is the end of the last run till more come over from China im may/june

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