Muttpop: Final Dr. Destruction Cast 2

This week have a further look at Jorge Martinez’s casting process of Muttpop’s
Dr. Destruction. These pics demonstrate the way Jorge mounts
the sculpted pieces prior to creating the initial silicone mold. Additionally, we have  photographs of the complete final resin cast including the cigarette
and cane. Last but not least is a peek at the initial rough sculpts of
Mini Jerry and Mini Bill next to El Panda Original. Both Minis will be
to scale with Mini Gobi.

12 Replies to “Muttpop: Final Dr. Destruction Cast 2”

  1. Very cool additional casting photos, yo. With the cane & cigarette holder, this guy is looking like a very very nice, complete toy I gotta say. A Pimp custom version will definitely be done!
    Also: Still looking good on the minis too. When’s the MiniBob going to come along?!

  2. so awesome…the latest pics looks great
    also sweet to see the Muttpop roster growing, man i am going to need loads more shelf space.

  3. F-ing awesome, the new mini’s are off the hook. I can’t wait for these to drop.:)
    Awesome work again and again Muttpop.

  4. man i am developing a serious muttpop obsession! v.nice, but hold up does anyone know other than tequila and el panda have any of the other characters been released for retail yet?

  5. Hi guys,
    My name is Erick Sosa
    I am the sculptor behind the new mini line.
    DOn’t want to give much away, but the new version look better, thanks to Muttpop’s high standards!
    Take care,

  6. Oh yes. Those minis are incredible. Dr. Destruction is shaping up nicely. Looking forward to it.

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