Muttpop: Original Red Demon and Original Gobi

The Originals.  The backbone of Muttpop’s
Lucha Libre Art Figure Line. Designs and colors by Bill and Gobi.
Sculpts by Monster5. All produced in supreme rotocast vinyl. Aren’t
they beautiful? Below are the first complete glimpses of both figures
from various angles. Original Red Demon and Original Gobi will debut in
April/May 2007.

4 Replies to “Muttpop: Original Red Demon and Original Gobi”

  1. These are looking so nice! Despite his diminutive stature, MiniGobi is such an awesome little toy! His anorak is perfect!

  2. So much beauty. This set should be in a vinyl museum! These are to only toys I admire over and over that are part of my husbands collection. Simple and elegant sculpts. Very european in style and quality and not a too rapper album art looking toy.
    Perfect perfect perfect. Monster 5 and Muttpop are a wonderful team. When can we buy the two new figures?

  3. JON:
    Thank you. We are very happy with MiniGobi. A cool little sidenote: Monster5 sculpted MiniGobi based on Gobi’s “self portrait”. He loved the Gobi illustration on the Tequila box so much that he HAD to make a sculpt of it. Once we saw his sculpt, we HAD it as a vinyl figure. 🙂
    Wow. The ULTIMATE compliment is one that comes from a collector’s spouse! Thank you so very much. The two new figures are currently on schedule to be available in May.
    Developments on Dr. Destruction are still moving forward full steam ahead. Posts on the development of Dr. Destruction’s sculpt will resume once we have unleashed all of these Mini Gobi/Red Demon prototypes. These last few weeks are like an urgent newsbreak. We will resume your regularly scheduled program in a couple of weeks. 🙂
    Thanks for all of your interest and support.
    -Muttpop Bob

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