Muttpop: Wizard Exclusive

Muttpop  was
approached by Wizard Entertainment to do exclusive variants of figures
in the Muttpop Designer Toy line. Because of the sincere enthusiasm
Wizard had for Muttpop, the collaboration was a very natural and
exciting one. Muttpop decided to give these exclusives a splash of
“pop” culture. El Panda Dragon
is a nod to the great Bruce Lee. Muttpop elevates the “Game of Death”
tracksuit design with a bit of that ever-loving Muttpop humor.
Red Demon Vice Edition
(gives props to the funky Miami “style” made famous by the original
1980s “Sonny” Crockett. I can assure you he’s not wearing socks. Both
figures are limited to 250 pieces and will be available in late
April/early May. Wizard is taking advance orders at their Wizard Universe Store.
You will also be able to purchase both figures at Wizard World
conventions.  Last but not least, here’s sneak peak at the “Classico
Collection”. Note the
first clear glimpses of Red Demon Classico and Mini Gobi Classico! Stay

7 Replies to “Muttpop: Wizard Exclusive”

  1. JON:
    I’m glad you dig. Red Demon Classico will be available to retailers worldwide after the debut of Red Demon Original. Expect to see them for sale online sometime in Summer 2007.
    -Muttpop Bob

  2. So much Monster5 five goodness on display! Muttpop is lucky and one of the best, cleanest design companies in the biz. Congtatulations
    Mandy M.

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