More on Capman Kanser (NYCC 07)

We previously featured a pic + brief info on the new Capman Kanser figures designed by Keith Poon for Toy Qube.  Today we have new pics revealing the full design including the under-the-helmet graphics, the yellow under-side of the claws, and the bonus on Ms. Capman’s rear.  Also there’s two shots of the GID helmets — the blue seems to glow quite brightly.   Both figures will be released at NYCC ’07 — Mr. Capman at Toy Qube’s booth and Ms. Capman as an exclusive in Wizard’s booth.

2 Replies to “More on Capman Kanser (NYCC 07)”

  1. i love this piece it catches the nostalgia of “cap man” perfectly, and the g.i.d. vinyl is mind numbingly beautiful im person take my word for it

  2. Love that Glow!!
    really clever concept wakkawakkka wakkawakka
    cant get teh Pac man theme out of my head blip bl

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