Joe Ledbetter – 8″ ‘Pirate’ Qee

Toy2R unveiled protos of some new unreleased Qees at this past weekend’s Toyexpo in HK.  There are a ton of pics coming through but this one caught our eye — a  new  8" Joe Ledbetter Qee which will call ‘Pirate’ as we don’t have an official name for it yet.  We do know that it’s slated to release at New York Comic-Con  (Feb ’07) in 2 colorways.

6 Replies to “Joe Ledbetter – 8″ ‘Pirate’ Qee”

  1. yeah but the jled kiddies will buy anything and everything – even if he took 15 mins to do something “new”

  2. yeah its nothing new, but he has a style that works and he sticks to it, which is exactly why a shelf full of Jled toys looks so amazing.

  3. It’s great cuse I don’t have to make new pad for print. just switch color and sell more. yes the head is new design, but you never tell.

  4. Limited to 500 pcs but comes in a billion colorways but we’re not going to tell you that so you spend money only to find out that better colorways come out later. Available at ebay for half the price of retail.

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