Bwana Spoons – Steven the Bat Purple Nights Release (11.25.06)

Steven the Bat, the star of  countless numbers of Bwana Spoons‘ colorful doodles is set  to win over a new set of fans with his groovy vinyl figures produced by Super7.  While the first Green Fig Belly edition has come and gone, the Purple Nights edition of Steven the Bat drops in this Saturday (11.25.06)  from 11AM at the Super7 store for a special donut filled release and signing event (flier).  Only 237 Steven the Bat Purples Nights figures remain intact (news to follow). So If you’re in the San Francisco area, drop by to purchase one of the purple vinyl mammals,  get it signed by the always cheerful Bwana Spoons and of course get your fill of the free donuts! 

Super7 Store
1630 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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