Seen: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish @ Uberbot (10.14.06)

October 14, 2006: Überbot, Winter Park’s designer toy and comic Utopia,
celebrated it’s first birthday by playing host to the first gallery exhibition of a groundbreaking design studio. The unified creative forces of local artists Jorge and Kelly Aponte, Dave Quiles, Julius Santiago, Spider, Oni and Nakanari, now known as Me Llamo Jellyfish, made their debut with an arsenal of artwork in numerous forms.

"We want to explore and use as much media as we can," says Nakanari of the studio, which he spearheaded. And explore they have. The walls and display cases of Überbot were crammed with prints, vinyl, Boblbee bags, skate decks, canvas, PSP plates, plush and spray cans. Nakanari’s Munny contrbution to Rooted Movement was on display as were four custom Boblbee bags by Quiles,Santiago, Nakanari and Kelly Aponte which will be auctioned off on eBay to benefit local charity The Mustard Seed.

Thirty-minutes into the show, artists were still adding pieces to an already prolific display. Invited guests and well-informed fans poured in as the growing crowds beckoned passers by of every age. More than a few parents were seen lifting their kids up for a better view of the cool toy designs. Artists were busy autographing pieces, answering questions and chatting with fans. As an added attraction, Nakanari sketched Munnys and signed his B.B. Birdy creations. Good conversatioon, great art and tastey peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were enjoyed by all. The artists, however, could not escape the fate of all who claim the spotlight… the interview.

When asked what one thing they hoped to achieve through the Me Llamo Jellyfish collaboration, the answers were as diverse as the art. From Dave, Julius and Nakanari’s desire to push creative boundaries and grow as artists, Jorge’s quest for the preservation of the jellyfish and Spider’s plan to blow up the moon, the future endeavors of Me Llamo Jellyfish will be worth following.

Text and photography by Jim Carchidi

For more information on the eBay auction and the artists go to:

Me Llamo Jellyfish

To see all of Jim’s pics of the opening, click below to the full post.

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