New Cheshire Cats Dropping Soon

A little while ago we showed some sneak pics of several upcoming Cheshire Cat vinyl figures from Span of Sunset x Disney.  Today we have pics of the final production version of the ‘pirate’ Cheshire Cat as well as pics of 3 previously unshown upcoming colorways.  These colorways and the nice packaging were designed by Nic Cowan. The "Pirate" Cheshire Cat is limited to 500 pieces with the first 30 being available on October 7th for the We’re All Mad Here" show @ Gallery 199830 "Raw" Cheshire Cats will also be available at the show opening.

Each of the four Cheshire Cats shown here – Pirate, Haunted Mansion, Hip-Hop, and DV28
will drop later this month in Downtown Disneyland.  For  up-to-date
info  on release dates keep your eye on Span of Sunset.

The packaging for the Cheshire Cat has always been a draw for the
figure and these special edition boxes have subtle touches specific to
the figure — so the "pirate" box has a treasure map on the top and the
Haunted Mansion version has a bat silouhette. Small touches like these are always greatly appreciated and should make choosing between colorways even more agonizing.


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