Stupid Tank by Hellobard for Love Original

HelloBard’s  Stupid Tank is coming to you in September/October as part of the Love Original Project from Red Magic.  Stupid Tank is the first figure from Bard’s new Stupid Devil label. At a hefty 9" tall the Stupid Tank proto isn’t quite up to supporting the full weight of the design but Red Magic is going to remedy this by "injecting pure evil" into the figure.    This looks like a nice figure — we’re looking forward to seeing additional figures from Stupid Devil.

12 Replies to “Stupid Tank by Hellobard for Love Original”

  1. Thanks guys! Really glad to hear you like it! I thought it might be a bit risky to do anything but the standard standing-up type figures, but that puts my mind at ease!
    and cheers to Jack for posting it up!

  2. Nice! Good job and congrats, colorway mockups look nice too! I want one with extra evil.
    Do those little flame guys come out, or at least rotate around?

  3. this is insane!………i must have one……..i must customize one……..where do i find this!?!?!?……..someone gimme a yell at……gotta do one of these up soon!……..really nice design!

  4. thanks Andrew!
    I’ll be sure to infuse yours with the extra evil 😉
    and yep! the lil flame guys come out and stand on their own 😀
    miQ: hehe cool! it’ll be out in September or October (i’m thinking October) and I’ll let you know when I’ve got some in stock!

  5. Way to go Bard, nice to see your work get soem recognition! 😀
    I’m especially liking the green artists choice version, lime green is always good! 😀
    Really want one of these, wanna customise one too actually!

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