tokidoki 8″ Artist Collection Qee

Oooh.  Now this is nice.  Here’s the latest addition to Toy2R’s Artist Collection series, an 8" tokidoki qee complete with a 2.5" Simone Man Qee. The design of the 8" is really nice — love the  humorous painful catci theme complete with gorgeous nurse. And… the Simone Man Qee sports the tokidoki ear bling — true to life ūüėČ This one will drop in Sept/Oct for $80 and is limited to 500 pieces.  This is a pretty small run if you consider just how hot Simone Legno’s tokidoki brand is currently — serious crossover appeal with this figure.

5 Replies to “tokidoki 8″ Artist Collection Qee”

  1. I dont know why I thought tokidoki was a girl. How embarrassing. But thats why I come here, to learn more and more ūüôā

  2. Don’t worry.You weren’t the only one who thought tokidoki was a girl.His art is admired greatly.

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