VP Exclusive HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing by Mizna Wada

Tokyo artist Mizna Wada’s  HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing is the second vinyl figure in her recently announced Mizna Lens toy series from Kaching Brands. In the blue corner, standing 7 inches tall, sporting a removable crown and sculpted by Vin Teng, HA-CHOO is ready to take on all challengers. 

We’re proud to announce the Vinyl Pulse Exclusive HA-CHOO edition in vibrant blue.  Limited to just 100 pieces, this is the rarest of the available editions with 888 total (588 standard, 200 brown, 100 VP Exclusive). The Vinyl Pulse HA-CHOO will be released exclusively at VP Exclusives online on Friday, June 30th for $49.99.

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  1. They should have tied up with MunkyKing instead…haha… seems like the apes+monkeys are really taking over the world 😉

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