ColdChic by Push

Push is a Taiwanese artist with several designer toys to his credit including One Horn Beast and Born Wild (Flying Cat).  ColdChic, a 14" ABS figure, is his latest toy project coming from PhalanX and is scheduled for a Winter release.  Thanks to Eddie of Pixie we have these prototype pics of this toy which I would describe as a mecha chicken.  The numerous holes throughout the figure are a little puzzling (especially the smaller ones).  Perhaps these allow additional parts to be snapped in or removed as desired — pure conjecture on my part based on the different eye treatment seen in the last picture presented here.  Also, I’m curious to see the paint designs.  More info + pics when we get it.





3 Replies to “ColdChic by Push”

  1. It looks shiny like its made from injection molded ABS so many of those holes may simply be screw fixings holding both halves of the arms together etc..
    Will be interesting to see what the paint ops are..

  2. Is the Kubrick for size reference or does one come with it and fit in there like a giant mecha? That is a Kubrick, right?

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