Shawnimals Pocket Porks Week 4

Shawnimals Pocket Pork mini-plushes will be available any day exclusively at Myplasticheart. The dumpling-shaped Pocket Porks will come randomly assorted in blind "pints" – chinese take-out containers.  Each pint will contain 3 Pocket Porks.  There are a total of 5 varieties, 3 regular porks, 1 rare and 1 √ľber rare.  Get ready because these are limited to just 100 pints (300 total porks). 

A whole lot of Pocket Pork!

This week we  also have pictures of the mini-plushes and box shots as well.  Enjoy.

Week #4.  Here’s a look at the Stealth Sticker Pork. Ninjas rule!  This is the last of our Pocket Pork articles (awww…) These cute lil guys  should be available at myplasticheart very soon.  Oh and don’t forget this week’s contest ūüėČ

Want to win this week’s AP Pint featuring the Stealth Sticker Pork + stickers and buttons?  You know the drill… Submit a comment and be sure to enter a valid email address (also, you can keep your email address away from prying eyes if you also enter a website on the comment form — like  This week’s Pocket Pork contest ends on  Tuesday, March 7th @ 8 PM Pacific. 

Contest Rules

1. One entry per person; multiple entries disqualifies you.
2. Deadline to enter by: March 7th, 2006 8:00pm  (PST)
3. Enter with valid email address
4. Shipping within Continental US is covered; shipping anywhere else is paid by winner
5. Winner must respond to VP’s notification within 72 hours
6. One prize per person

119 Replies to “Shawnimals Pocket Porks Week 4”

  1. Pocket porky your so fine,
    hope soon you will be mine..
    now this might sound a little gay,
    but its clearly that pocket porks are more than just OK..

  2. Lurking deep in the shadows of pork, this dark fellow walks softly but he carries a big gun.

  3. oh man this has got to be the best little guy I wonder what will be the secret one can it get better than the wee sticker..!!!!

  4. pork, pork, the magical fruit
    the more you eat the more you toot
    the more you toot the better you feel
    so eat your pork at every meal!

  5. I would love to invite the small ninja sticker into my home. But would that negate the need for stealthiness? I wouldn’t want to hurt his (her?) sense of self-worth.

  6. well…my stomach aches.
    i think it has something to do with the bowl of cereal i just ate….oh yeah sorry.
    these porks are swell!

  7. I love these! I will buy them all (and I need to find out what the secret pork is!)

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