Kathie Oliva’s Customs

You have seen many of Kathie Oliva’s
Misery Children in her 2d work, but have you seen them in 3d format?
Yup, Kathie is bringing her children to "live" with her customs. Check
out the Trexi she did for the upcoming Trexi Show at Toy Qube.
Yes, you flock fans out there, this 10 inch baby is flocked!!! And of
course how can we not adore her custom Munnys, which will be available
at Kathie’s show Triamese ? Here are just a selected few, check out Kathie’s website
to see more of her awesome customs. Currently Kathie’s customs are
still relatively affordable, so hurry because I don’t think it is gonna
stay that way for long.

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  1. yo, it’s “KATHIE OLIVAS” kids! And Kat’s been paying her dues for over 10 years; it’s about time she’s getting the attention she deserves!

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