“El Panda Revealed!!” Part 12

The Iron Curtain has been opened. Here is the official debut of Muttpop’s El Panda
figure in its Original colorway. No need for words, just take a look at
these !! Who will kick some major butt, El Panda or Tequila? Man, this
is one fight I sure don’t want to miss!! Check back next week for more
El Panda!!!


10 Replies to ““El Panda Revealed!!” Part 12”

  1. WOW! He’s HUGE ūüôā Looks Like he’s about to bitchslap lil’ Tequila ūüôā
    The sculpt is top notch!

  2. Like everybody else, all I can say — WOW!
    The final painted sculpt looks amazing!
    Soooo excited for these to hit stores!

  3. Looks great! I love the head to head shot, the scale looks spot on. I can’t wait to see the variants. Any updates on the Kozik Tequila?

  4. SICHI:
    Big than expected, huh? El Panda is NOT one to be pushed around.
    Thanks. We’re striving to build off of what we learned with Tequila.
    We’re still a few months away…but we hope to make you all very happy in summer.
    Plenty of cool looking variants to come. Kozik Tequila well..o2fqro9u23qwf6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666qr23fvasd9fq20rlll…
    What the hell, just happened?!
    -Muttpop Bob

  5. I just picked up tequila and tequila raw…WTF KOZIK VARIANTS?!?!? where is panda and this stuff going to be available. I NEEEDS IT! coolest looking figures out there for sure!

  6. Cool! The colors look great and this is one weird figure. He looks relaxed but mean in that mask. Yep, like this one!

  7. This page is buggy. Can you remove the weird script on the post by Muttpop bob? I can’t see the rest of the replies. Much ‘ppreciated.

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