Blu 10″ Trexi

What do you get when you turn a 10 inch Trexi upside down? Well, if I did it, it would be just a Trexi upsides down. But give Blu (Elizabeth Berdann), the Trexi and she turns it into this Little Green Man.
Make no mistake, this not your average little green man. Blu’s usual
expressive facial features along with the wonderful green color scheme have raised the standard of toy customizing a few notches. And where
is the little 3 inch fella you ask? Look closer and you will find him
upside down as well.

5 Replies to “Blu 10″ Trexi”

  1. ahhh
    I knew someone would flip a trexi eventually , but this is sooo like 10/10.
    I don’t think we are gonna see anyone top this in a long time!

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