Save Huck: Boba PhuEk Munny @ MODA3 (2.17.06)

Wow…. This has been sitting in my inbox for waay too long.  PhuEk of the newly formed Rebelscum drops this sweet Boba PhuEk Munny as his contribution to the Save Huck Munny Show @ MODA3 in Milawaukee, WI (opens on 2.17.06).  Our favorite intergalactic bounty hunter has never looked better. In particular, the battle damage distressing on this one works quite well.  It’s nice to see PhuEk working on larger toys since his customs are always SO packed with detail.  This one also continues PhuEk’s used of light-up bases.   Finally, the dope sculpey arsenal is courtesy of Reblscum member, LIV3R.









3 Replies to “Save Huck: Boba PhuEk Munny @ MODA3 (2.17.06)”

  1. PhuEk!!!!!!!!!!
    You the man. The detail on this Munny is amazing. I cant wait for you to get a production toy. I’ll buy one, or two.

  2. that thing is sick.
    i love the details, the work with the silver paint came out dope.
    all your creations look more and more professional.
    keep on rockin on phuek!!!

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