Bunny by Andrew Bell

What does the master of creturesr, Andrew Bell, think of when he thinks Bunny?  Here’s his Bunny interpretation for the upcoming Chubby Bunny show at Gallery Nucleus (2.11.06).  Whoa…  This is one troubled Bunny! A  victim of a science experiment gone terribly wrong?  A mutated abomination?  Or maybe just a cross between, a fly, and a lava monster? Or … ? AB never ceases to pull inventive creatures from the depths of his imagination.





7 Replies to “Bunny by Andrew Bell”

  1. wait Wheaty Wheat is involved aswell on the show. Richard, do waht you feel is right and make this world a better place! Give all Andrew Bell fans the one thing that will make their lives so much better!! 😀

  2. Hah thanks guys! I don’t think I’ll be making this into a toy any time soon, it is just too big and complicated. It is about 16″ tall and has a 32″ ‘wingspan’. Just shipping those badboys would put me under!

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