Unklbrand @ Missing Link Toys

Derek(front) and Jason(back)

The talented duo, Jason and Derek of Unklbrand opened their show Unkl at Missing Link Toys Gallery
Thursday night to a crowd of enthusiast art and toy collectors. Along
with their uber popular toys, SUGS and Hazmapo, were 42 original pieces
done by both artists. From the looks of things, the show was a success,
which means even greater things can be expected from the Unklbrand
folks. A shout-out  to Richard and Shannon of Missing Link Toys,
without your hard work, there would have been no show, no cutting edge
art, no beer…imagine that!!! Stay tuned for the revelation of the
next Hazmapo.

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  1. The artwork looks awesome! Wish I could’ve seen it in person… I’m liking the whole neutral scheme with a single powerful color. 😀

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