El Panda Revealed Part 1

It is that time of the week!! Yap, today we reveal Muttpop’s next rotocast vinyl designer toy figure. You ask, how could things get any better after Tequila? I say…. EL PANDA!!
Lets start off with concept development. Jerry Frissen and Gobi (the
co-creators of Tequila) wanted to visually create an imposing figure
that stood up to the power and dynamic nature of Gobi’s Tequila design
WITHOUT using the established characteristics of their first Luchador.
After a few conversations with Jerry, Gobi created the look for El
Panda. Here are a couple of Gobi’s interpretations of El Panda.

Check back next week for a peek at the El Panda turnaround illustrations!

11 Replies to “El Panda Revealed Part 1”

  1. Hey VP.
    Now this is the total bomb,loving all the updates.
    I love Tequila but El Panda…He’s so HOT!!!
    Could you get the Muttpop crew on the phone…i wanna pre-order a RAW El Panda now!!!
    Ah go on….please???
    Ive missed out on the Raw Tequila 3 times and ive just had a wisdom tooth out!!!
    Anyway,Cheers again for the updates.This Welsh boy would be lost without you!!!

  2. DINGO:
    Woop on Tequila? I wouldn’t go that far…but it’s very hard to say who would win in a brawl.
    The final figure will DEFINITELY be worth the wait.
    Cute? El Panda is one MEAN MOFO…although do I dig the pot belly…
    Thanks for checking in. Without you and our fans, Muttpop wouldn’t be here. For that we are eternally grateful.
    Well, surely we need SOMEONE to fight RAW Tequila…hmmm.
    Your chance to get a RAW Tequila is still alive! Make sure you look for an e-mail update from info@muttpop.com today.

  3. Cant wait to see who will flip a RAW TeKILLYa on Ebay first and at HOW much $$$. I say top off at 400 ? Lets start a fantacy bidding pull to see who gets closer. Flipping it all day LONG.

  4. the 21 week tease in on! Thank you VP and MP for this opportunity to learn from these toy tutorials.
    Right said fred.

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