Artist Series MAD*Ls : Sket One Videos From Wheaty Wheat Studios

The MAD*Ls are coming, the MAD*Ls are coming!  The first of the Artist Series MAD*Ls will be dropping very soon now.  In their continuing efforts to improve the production process, Wheaty Wheat Studios is trying out a new approach to communicating complicated changes of a figure to their factory in China.  Instead of relying on markup of 2d images, Wheaty Wheat’s modeler, Joe Brogno, created two videos featuring 3d model turnarounds for Sket One’s Artist Series MAD*L for the factory to use to make final corrections.  Enjoy these two short and sweet quick-time videos!

Sket One MAD*L Artist Series videos by Wheaty Wheat Studios (click thumbnail to play)

5 Replies to “Artist Series MAD*Ls : Sket One Videos From Wheaty Wheat Studios”

  1. nice….
    glad to see someone else is using 21st century technology to have some fun….
    the new stuff looks bananas!
    that tomato kicks ass!

  2. Hi joey. i googled this! Nice job on your videos bro!i miss you!!!!!!!~love you!~lil sis~

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