Super7 Issue 11 Release Party

Issue 11 of Super 7 is just about to hit the street. This is a "black"
issue with articles on King Walder, Barom-1, Japanese hardcore maniacs
Balzac, Camille Rose Garcia, Glenn Danzig, Tara Machpherson, Panda-Z,
news, fashion and lots of exclusive toy offers! $5.95 at the store, or
available  online at Super7 .
Or you can venture out to the release party tomorrow night, 11/12 at 7pm and for
your effort, you will have the opportunity to purchase 1 of the 100
Super7 x Secret Base Rainy Day Ghostfighter figures.  Sales of this toy will benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.  This figure will only be available to party goers at the Super7 Issue 11 release party  and  will retail for $60.  If there is any left after the party (and that is a BIG if),
it will go on sale to the general public the next morning, Sunday the
13th, at noon online or via the phone. So, if you find this a must
have…make the trip or beg someone to do you the favor.

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  1. I recently placed my order at Mr Burgerman’s website. Was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this super lush book from the man himself at the Podling show at Playlounge. Highly recommended, attention to detail and finish is superb!

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