Melto-Fu from Meltdown Comics

To celebrate Meltdown Comics & Collectibles‘ 10th Anniversary, Mel the
Logo Man, which was first created in 1996 for Meltdown by Oscar
nominated cartoonist extraordinaire Dan Clowes, is brought to "life" by
artists across the globe. Sculpted by the mysterious Japanese sculptor Monster5. Designed by To-Fu Oyoko creators, Devilrobots. Brought to you by Meltdown Comics & Collectibles. Standing at 8 inches tall, the Melto-Fu
is a collaborative work years in making.  He is available in
2 versions, green and translucent blue both retailing at $40 each. The
edition size for the green is 700 and the blue is 300,  which we have
been told is running out fast.  These playful little fellows stand
solidly on 3 feet, balancing their oblique squarish heads on a ball
joint. Their heads and arms are articulated and move with easy without
any hesitation, which makes them very poseable. The overall design of
the toy and box gives them a 1960s feel, something you might have long
forgotten you had packed away in the basement. But you don’t have to go
in search for them anymore, just hit Meltdown’s website and snag a couple.

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  1. WOW! any of these available in Boston Mass? Will the comic chains carry them. SOO CUTE ! I want I want !
    Sandra Oh.
    No relations.

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