Bwana Spoons’s Show @ Wootini

Bwana Spoons’s upcoming show at Wootini opens
on December 5th and boy does he have a treat for us!! The show centers
around Jessie’s Palace. Who is Jessie? Well, he is a Wanderer who wakes
up on the beach one day with too much sand in his ears. Frustrated, he
decides to take root and builds a massive shelter out of driftwood. The
show will feature loads of sexy new paintings of Jessie and his
"palace". Bwana will also have a new Wootini Tee featuring Jessie. We
will keep you posted of any new developments as the show approaches.
Interim, check out these sketches and a sculpt of Jessie Bwana sent
over. It is always a treat to see the progress of an artist’s works.
These drafts are just a small indication of what greatness Bwana has in
store for us!!!

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