Muttpop was ready to SEE their
creation first hand for final approval. Up until now, members of
Muttpop had only seen their Tequila figure and sculpt in photos. It was
SURREAL for the Muttpop crew to see and hold a prototype of the Tequila
Figure for the first time. Muttpop hooked up with photographer Kris
Carillo for a special Tequila photo shoot. You can check out photos
from the shoot below. Thereโ€™s a teeny tiny tweak that Muttpop will make
to the prototype shown below but for the most part, what you see is an
excellent example of what the final ORIGINAL Tequila figure will look
like. No words can do justice for this bad ass fella, I finally got to
see Tequila up close and person and oh f#%^!!!! The sculpt, the color,
the built, the attitude, everything about this toy is a killer!! And
imagine…this is only just the beginning!!!

Check back next week for a peak at the tweaked ORIGINAL Tequila and the first test photos of the EXTRA SPICY Tequila!

8 Replies to ““TEQUILA REVEALED” PART 18”

  1. I love this thing! The colors are great! The pics last week made him look a little yellow, but these pics tell a different story. They are much cooler in these pics. Can’t wait to see the “Spicy” edition. Good job Muttpop!

  2. WOW!!!!! I think I may have to take my comments back from last Friday cause this whole package looks kick a$$!!!! In the beginning I really thought the light green on the poncho was a little too dull, but the more I looked at the figure, the more I thought it actually really works cause it doesn’t take too much from the Tequila figure. So great job on it Muttpop! The last picture with Tequila on top of the pile of figures is sweet too! Can’t wait till this guy comes out!

  3. NEIL:
    Spicy is coming soon. It will not disappoint.
    Thanks a bunch. No worries on your earlier concerns. The Muttpop crew had our own concerns when we got pictures from the manufacturer. Seeing the figure in person made us quickly realize that things were coming out far nicer than the prior pics showed. In fact even these latest batch of pictures by Kris don’t do the ACTUAL figure justice. As good as it looks here, it’s even more impressive when you hold it in your hands.
    Thanks for the support!
    -Muttpop Bob

  4. Soo Cool. California Stylee !
    Please make solid color edition TWIM stylee. You can make Sakura no Hana editions and Golden week.
    You keep making cool stylee and I buy your stylee.

  5. YOSHI:
    I personally like a Children’s Day edition. We could have Coi tatooed on Tequila’s body and a beautiful Coi image printed on a white poncho.
    We could even have him included with some delicious rice candy or mochi!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    …but then again, I was raised with the “California style” so it’s what I do best. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the comments.
    Thanks for the continued honesty. It means a lot that you like the current batch of pics. It’s means even more that you are willing to share your comments here on the Vinyl Pulse board.
    Thanks to you too. These pics are a WAY better example of what the toy you will see in stores will look like. I also have a feeling that you’ll get a kick out of the EXTRA SPICY TEQUILA.
    -Muttpop Bob

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