Report: DIY Qee Expo @ Munkyking (09.03.2005)

The LA stop of the DIY Qee Expo was held last night (will be there today as well) at Munkying in the Chinatown area.  Couldn’t make it? No worries, we have loads of pics for you! This was basically two shows rolled into one as Munkying organized a show of additional  custom Qees exclusive to the store and this particular event.  The event was well attended with a heavy crowd from about 8PM through 10PM or so.  Quite a few local artists participated in the event and many of them were on-hand including Tragnark, Cameron Tiede, Jason Han, miQ willm0tt, Thuy3,  Tim Biskup, and  Joe Ledbetter among others.  Other well-known attendees included Billy Shire, Hugo Stevenson, and of course Raymond Choy, founder of Toy2r. 
While the DIY Qee expo was recently in San Diego at Comic-Con, this stop had roughly double the number of travelling Qees with many pieces that were recently touring in Europe.  The expo pieces were arranged in two glass cabinents (two-deep on each shelf) and along a wall with three levels of shelving.  Qees galore!  There were some amazing pieces on display. Raymond mentioned that a select few would be made into production pieces.  If he’s decided on the lucky few, he certainly wasn’t letting on last night!
The customs curated and offered for sale by Munkying were arranged in the heart of the store on several black wooden pedastals (about 4 Qee’s per).  As the crowd swelled around 8PM there was hardly any room to walk!  It’s fortunate none of the custom pieces were damaged given the cramped space and the large crowd.   

The custom toys, the artists and celebs, the free drinks — a great event and night!  Thanks to Patrick and all the other cool people at Munkying plus Raymond and Toy2r!  Enjoy all the eye candy! 


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  1. Wow some fantastic stuff there! So jealous you got to meet some of my fav artists!
    JLeds Octobunny Egg has to be my favourite, and I’m not that keen on eggs!
    Very nice pics, thanks for the coverage! Oh and:
    “It’s fortunate none of the custom pieces were damaged given the cramped space and the large crow.”
    Don’t suppose you got a pic of this crow? ūüėČ

  2. Some very awesome customs shown there! Whoever did that Turtle Egg is cool in my book! Me likes turtles ūüėÄ
    I wonder if my custom was displayed there… did anyone see an 8″ Jack Skellington Toyer? If so, could/did someone take a pic? I’d like to see if he made it there safely. ūüôā

  3. Can’t believe you guys already have the blog up! I’m just barely recovered from last night. Thanks for coming out and covering us and congrats on the great Cameron piece!
    We’re working hard to get the pieces up for sale online. There are still a few availble. The show will be up at the store til the end of the week for those who could not make it.
    PS: Andrew, the Turtle is by Thomas Han.

  4. I was checking back for these photos all night yesterday! Oh well… I decided to save it for the morning…. and WOW! Few personal fav’s are Joe’s egg, Thuy3’s looks even better than I’d expected (after seeing the previews), Biskups yeti is just yummy… and my big big favourite is Cameron Tiede’s! Loved his mad*l, loved his chop shop, and I love these just as much!!

  5. Patrick, is there anyway I could have my name slightly corrected? Next to my custom Toyer, they said my name was Andrew “Noal” Felipe. It’s supposed to be “No.L” ūüôā

  6. Patrick: I am sure u r still recovering from the party….all that drinking ….:-)….but thanks for the great party…it was awesome to meet all the artists and I am soooo excited about the Cameron piece!!! thanks a mil!!

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